poetry and jazz winter 2016

9 & 16 February 2016
6:45 p.m. @ Arkadia International Bookshop, Helsinki


From Requiem – Instead of a Preface & Dedication
Anna Akhmatova
   perf. by Anastasia Diatlova
DisabledWilfred Owen
   perf. by John Leo
In Paradise DisguiseLeo Heng
Day Thirty-Two Tom Warner
   perf. by Zoë Chandler (1)
Or not to beJukka Tykkyläinen
From Requiem – Prologue, 1 & 4Anna Akhmatova
   perf. by Anastasia Diatlova
AnatidaephobiaZoë Chandler
Grey-feathered happinessLeo Heng
Thoughts That Go Bump in the Night
Zoë Chandler
At the Winter SolsticeJohn Leo
Many Faces of FearJukka Tykkyläinen
From Requiem – EpilogueAnna Akhmatova
   perf. by Anastasia Diatlova
From The Ballad of Reading GaolOscar Wilde
   perf. by John Leo
Suspicious Packages
Zoë Chandler
Three StonesLeo Heng
Unsaid, UndoneZoë Chandler
HurtTrent Reznor
   perf. by Leo Heng &                     Jukka Tykkyläinen
KintsugiZoë Chandler
SnakeD. H. Lawrence
   perf. by Jessica Calonious
The SailMikhail Lermentov
   perf. by Anastasia Diatlova
From The First Forty-Nine StoriesErnest Hemingway
   perf. by John Leo (2)
The Terrorist, He watchesWisława Szymborska
   perf. by Zoë Chandler (3)
Poisoning Pigeons in the ParkTom Lehrer
   perf. by Jukka Tykkyläinen

By kind permission of:
1 Tom Warner (http://tomwarner.co.uk)
2 Lazarus and Harris LLP

Production Zoë Chandler

Music Jukka Tykkyläinen (piano & vocals) & Leo Heng (vocals)

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