poetry and jazz autumn 2016

18 & 25 October 2016
6:45 p.m. @ Arkadia International Bookshop


From Lesbos With Love: days 1–7Erna Bodström
From Song of the Open RoadWalt Whitman
   perf. by John Leo
The Song of Wandering AengusWilliam Butler Yeats
   perf. by Ulf Persson
Traveller, your footprintsAntonio Machado
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
FreedomKatariina Jumppanen & Jenine Simons *
From Lesbos With Love: days 9–10 Erna Bodström
Funeral BluesWystan Hugh Auden
   perf. by Ulf Persson
There is a placeCharles Bukowski
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
Sir Patrick SpensTraditional
   perf. by John Leo
Traveling Through the DarkWilliam Stafford
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
To the mysticKatariina Jumppanen & Jenine Simons
From Lesbos With Love: days 11–16Erna Bodström
Billy Collins
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
From The Exile NotebooksRafael Cadenas, trans. Rowena Hill
   perf. by Jessica Calonious
Jazzy hopKatariina Jumppanen & Jenine Simons
From Lesbos With Love: days 18–30Erna Bodström
Across No Man’s LandZoë Chandler
One Scary JourneyLauri Kivi-Koskinen
In the Ålandian LightJohn Leo
Time and Relative Dimension in Music
Zoë Chandler
IzinkanyeziKatariina Jumppanen & Jenine Simons
From Lesbos With Love: days 31–32Erna Bodström
The JumbliesEdward Lear
   perf. by Jessica Calonious
Doors opening, closing on usMarge Piercy
   perf. by Zoë Chandler

* Sampling Pharrell Williams

Production Zoë Chandler

Music Katariina Jumppanen & Jenine Simons (vocals)
Jenine Simons is an Austrian medical doctor, born to Indian parents. After studying medicine in the UK and gaining work experience as a junior doctor in the UK, New Zealand and Finland, she craved a creative resuscitation of sorts. She has a particular interest in exploring how creativity can be woven into the conventional medical system in supporting the healing process – particularly in psychiatric and psychosomatic illnesses.

She is one of the founding members of Maailma Kuoro (an international women’s choir). After meeting Katariina, she discovered the creatively liberating art of improvisational singing and the elation that comes with it – she has been addicted ever since!

Katariina Jumppanen is a theatre artist and dramaturg. Music has been the essence and leading part in her life since her early years, yet she only decided to give in to the passion and focus on music during the past year.

Katariina has had the honor of attending vocal improvisation workshops and courses held by RHIANNON, Johanna Seiler and Sofia Ribeiro amongst others. After briefly attempting to find a band to sing and compose music with in Helsinki, she started seeking people interested in vocal music and improv in Finland. After a season of African music in Maailma Kuoro, she and Jenine launched a group to practice vocal music. In summer 2016 a vocal trio was born, JMK.

Minttu Sipola is the third member of the group.

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