poetry and jazz spring 2017

2 & 9 May 2017
6:45 p.m. @ Arkadia International Bookshop


from Under Milk WoodDylan Thomas
   perf. by John Leo (1)
Time PassesJoy Ladin
   perf. by Zoë Chandler (2)
The Day I DiedTiina Isoviita
On Locating ChinaSuzanne Niilo-Rämä
Before and afterKatariina Jumppanen
Is Homo Sapiens the pinnacle of intelligence in this corner of the universe?
Graham Vaughan Lees
LadyfingersSuzanne Niilo-Rämä
I Have Changed the Numbers on My Watch
Brian Patten
   perf. by Zoë Chandler (3)
Snowdrop EarthJohn Leo
Green-Eyed EnvyTiina Isoviita
SeràKatariina Jumppanen
The Art of DrowningBilly Collins
   perf. by Zoë Chandler (4)
from You Can’t Go Home AgainThomas Wolfe
   perf. by John Leo
A Time for EverythingEcclesiastes 3, NIV Bible
   perf. by Ulf Persson
Under the SunZoë Chandler
Violated VisionsTiina Isoviita
ObserverKatariina Jumppanen
Suzanne Niilo-Rämä
Sonnet 73William shakespeare
   perf. by John Leo
A Conversation with TimeUlf Persson
from The Fastest Clock in the Universe
Philip Ridley
   perf. by Zoë Chandler (5)
Got Me FooledTiina Isoviita
Imaginary songKatariina Jumppanen
Saturday ShoesSuzanne Niilo-Rämä
CheeriosBilly Collins
   perf. by Zoë Chandler (6)

By kind permission of:
1) David Haigham

Production Zoë Chandler

Music Katariina Jumppanen (vocals)

Katariina Jumppanen is a theatre artist and dramaturg. Music has been the essence and leading part in her life since her early years, yet she only decided to give in to the passion and focus on music during the past year.

Katariina has had the honor of attending vocal improvisation workshops and courses held by RHIANNON, Johanna Seiler and Sofia Ribeiro amongst others. After briefly attempting to find a band to sing and compose music with in Helsinki, she started seeking people interested in vocal music and improv in Finland. After a season of African music in Maailma Kuoro, she and Jenine Simons launched a group to practice vocal music. In summer 2016 a vocal trio was born, JMK.

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