poetry and jazz autumn 2017

5 & 12 October 2017
6:00 p.m. @ Arkadia International Bookshop


Macavity: The Mystery CatT.S. Eliot
   perf. by John Leo
Back in TimeTiina Isoviita
Turning FortyKevin Griffith
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
MuseJo Shapcott
   perf. by Suzanne Niilo-Rämä
Put Your Sweet LipsJoe Allison & Audrey Allison
   perf. by Matthew Paines
The EndTiina Isoviita
The PredatorSuzanne Niilo-Rämä
Why I Don’t Mention Flowers When Conversations with My Brother Reach Uncomfortable Silences
Natalie Diaz
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
Painful Ends (In Memorium: J. R. Jeffers)John Leo
Tennessee WaltzLeonard Cohen
   perf. by Matthew Paines
BluebirdCharles Bukowski
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
Ms EverstrongTiina Isoviita
For Whooo?Suzanne Niilo-Rämä
Beauty and the BeastZoë Chandler
From the BeginningGreg Lake
   perf. by Matthew Paines
from Moby DickHermann Melville
   perf. by John Leo
The Dying NatureTiina Isoviita
Establishing Boundaries with BulliesSuzanne Niilo-Rämä
A (Failed) Ode to the Garden Creatures
Zoë Chandler
My Girl’s PussyHarry Roy
   perf. by Matthew Paines
Very Like a WhaleOgden Nash
   perf. by Zoë Chandler

Production Zoë Chandler

Music Matthew Paines (guitar & vocals)

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