poetry and jazz autumn 2018

10 & 17 October 2018 – 6:00 p.m. @ Arkadia International Bookshop
25 October 2018 – 6:00 p.m. @ Café Pokkari


The Royal Court from Satires of Dr John Donne IV
Alexander Pope
   perf. by John Leo
More than a million eurosTiina Isoviita
The ProgressionOmar Pérez
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
The Road to HellChris Rea
   perf. by Matthew Paines
The RobberRyōkan
   perf. by John Leo
The OrdersThomas Centolella
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
from The Wonderful Bagtrans. by E.P. Mathers
   perf. by Jessica Calonius
The Guitar ManDavid Gates/Bread
   perf. by Matthew Paines
Zen of TippingJan Beatty
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
My Financial CareerAhti Tolvanen
Won’t You Come Home Bill BaileyHughie Cannon
   perf. by Päivi Kesti & Erik Johannes Riekko
from PaybackMargaret Atwood
   perf. by Ahti Tolvanen
Gross WorthZoë Chandler
Tears of bitternessTiina Isoviita
Crying in Front of a ManKate Gale
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
Mog Edwards and Myfanwy Price from Under Milk Wood
Dylan Thomas
   perf. by John Leo
   perf. by Matthew Paines
BargainLouise Driscoll
   perf. by Zoë Chandler
Transactions (for Jeffers, Thomas & Whitman)
by John Leo
30 leather jackets or a 100 broken hearts
by Tiina Isoviita
In-between all the What-ifs in the World
by Zoë Chandler
Gadji beri bimbaHugo Ball
   perf. by Jessica Calonius

Production Zoë Chandler

Music Matthew Paines (guitar & vocals), Päivi Keski (vocals), and Johannes Riekko (keyboard)

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