poetry and jazz autumn 19

24 & 31 October 2019 – 6:00 p.m. @ Arkadia International Bookshop


from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce
   perf. by John Leo
Give Me Ten YearsTiina Isoviita
The AlbatrossCharles Baudelaire
   trans. by Eli Siegel
   perf. by Jessica Calonius
Carmen 55Catullus
   trans. & perf. by Päivi Kesti
ViewfinderKirby Knowlton
   perf. by Zach Chamberlaine
StrippedMartin Gore
   perf. by Matthew Paines & Tiina Isoviita
This is not the poem I wroteZach Chamberlaine
A CoatWilliam Butler Yeats
   perf. by John Leo
A Dream Within a DreamEdgar Allan Poe
   perf. by Alexandra Sanda
The Light That Shines When Things End
Iain S. Thomas
   perf. by Zach Chamberlaine
AbsenceTiina Isoviita
The ultimate stripping eventPäivi Kesti
Candle in the WindElton John & Bernie Taupin
   perf. by Matthew Paines &        Päivi Kesti
Free SeatsZach Chamberlaine
The New VstmentsEdward Lear
   perf. by Jessica Calonius
Slapdash Flasher Zach Chamberlaine
Where the Wild Roses GrowNick Cave
   perf. by Matthew Paines & Alexandra Sanda
The Heart Laid BareJohn Leo
Naked Prison Tea PartyZach Chamberlaine
AloneEdgar Allan Poe
   perf. by Alexandra Sanda
At the Butcher’s ShopZach Chamberlaine

Production Zach Chamberlaine

Music Matthew Paines (guitar & vocals), Tiina Isoviita (vocals), Päivi Keski (vocals), and Alexandra Sanda (vocals)

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